Our Staff of Washington, D.C. Sober Coaches


Our small staff of dedicated and widely experienced treatment professionals have the following in common:


  • Each has been personally trained by Douglas Caine, founder of Sober Champion.

  • Each has at least five years of abstinence from his or her own previous pattern of addiction.

  • Each functions in a wide variety of social and work environments.

  • When you require your support be anonymous, we dress - and act - the part.

  • Each staff member actively serves as a resource broker on his client's behalf - if you need psychological, nutritional, medical or spiritual counseling, we can help.


Given the sensitive nature of many clients' careers, we do not display photos of our staff on this page.


Our goal is to assure every potential client that his or her Sober Coach will be an anonymous provider, able to support your recovery in any situation.




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